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28 July 2009 @ 11:54 am
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Would you like to spend the next 30 years
working your assets off to make your bosses rich? If not, I suggest you
start formulating Plan B immediately. The astrological time is not exactly
ripe to extricate yourself from the wicked game, but it's ripe to begin
scheming and dreaming about how to extricate yourself. Here's a tip to
get you in the mood. Assume that there's some validity in the meme that
mythologist Joseph Campbell articulated: "Follow your bliss and the
money will come." Then ask yourself, "Do I even know what my bliss is?
Not my mild joy or diversionary fun but my unadulterated bliss?" Once
you know that, you can follow it. And then, inevitably -- although it may
take a while -- the money will follow.

Let's just repeat the key part, shall we?
"ask yourself, "Do I even know what my bliss is?
Not my mild joy or diversionary fun but my unadulterated bliss?" Once
you know that, you can follow it."

demolition woman
22 July 2009 @ 10:03 am
i went to use my body lotion one day (it was a very thick lotion) -

and the blob that came out was in the shape of a clit - hood and all.

seriously. srsly, even.

that's all.
demolition woman
05 July 2009 @ 10:00 pm

I called this one in, actually. It's the day after the 4th of July, so I wasn't quite sure if it was fireworks or gunshots. But...I think I knew it was gunshots. It was VERY loud, 3 or 4 shots in quick succession. Madison barked. I was in my bedroom, looked out side my window and could see the Garfield Community Center from where I stood. I saw a group of young kids running eastbound on Cherry (which makes sense since the news report said the car was heading west on Cherry). I grabbed my cell and called it in.

About an hour later, I went to the corner store and noticed a few cops standing in the space between 2 houses across the street from my house. They were looking at something up high-ish (a tree? second or third story?). When I got to the corner, I saw a crowd of people and about 6 or 7 more cops, one with a rifle out. Everyone was peering in the doorway that leads to an apartment building. So I went up and asked what was going on. One woman didn't know, the next said something about how there was a guy there who had cut himself or something (?) and they were getting everyone out of the building. The rifle was a tranquilizer gun or something like that. I left before I found out what happened; hoping it'll be in the news or something.

My neighborhood...I love it in a lot of ways. It has rent that I can afford, convenient location to several buslines and grocery stores, Ethiopian restaurants galore, mostly friendly people. But there's a lot of crime - violence like the first incident is no stranger to my immediate vicinity (23rd and Cherry, next to Garfield High). And thefts! Holy moley...Eli's house has been broken into 3 times in a month, and he lives 8 blocks away. I bought a "beware of dog" sign a few days ago to put in the window. Luckily everything I have of value (which is not much) is in my bedroom, with my crazy dog who hates strangers.

I've been thinking about community and gentrification and violence among youth and all of the crap that goes into these kinds of situations. It's messy and sad and frustrating. I don't usually feel unsafe in my neighborhood - perhaps I'm being naive?
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demolition woman
20 June 2009 @ 02:07 pm
Cape Disappointment was not at all disappointing - lovely black and tan sandy beaches with gorgeous driftwood...rambling trails of verdant green and purple and yellow and...lighthouses...Pacific Ocean views...crashing waves lulling us to sleep at night...cranky crows loudly waking us up each morning...

Also, we saw some wildlife (beyond the more mundane squirrels and crows):

THREE baby seals! Holy wow! The first time we saw one, I was actually almost asleep in the tent after an evening of whiskey, and Eli had taken Jonesy for a late-night walk. He came back all excited, telling me that they had found a baby seal on the beach and I had to come right now! Somehow I managed to stumble through the shortcut from our campsite to the beach (which involves treacherous piles of driftwood) and there it was! All tiny and blinking in the bright light of Eli's headlamp. We were concerned about it, but then had to resign ourselves to the brutal facts of nature. I guess the mama seals leave them at the beach so they can learn to fend for themselves? We actually touched it (which I'm sure we shouldn't have done) and it was sooo soft and didn't seem too freaked out - more just bewildered and tired. We saw two more baby seals the next day, earlier in the evening. SO DAMN CUTE!

We also saw a woodpecker on one of the trails - it was black and white with a red head. literally 5 feet from us, pecking away. We stopped to watch it, Eli got his camera out and the bird seemed to stop and pose for a moment before flying 10 feet away. Eli also saw a little snake and a frog, but I missed those (except for a glimpse of the frog's beady eyes as it hung out in the murky water, waiting for the danger - us - to pass).

It was campfires and whiskey and hiking and playing with jonesy in the sand and wading into the cold, cold ocean. Campcation should last forever. Except for the 20 (literally) mosquito bites. Those I could do without.

We also explored some of the surrounding peninsula - Cape Disappointment is on Long Beach, which is basically a big sand spit with tons of little beach towns. Very cute.

It ended too soon and coming back to real life feels dreary indeed.
demolition woman
In 2002, the Bush Administration declared that the detainees of the War on Terror were not eligible for rights under the Geneva Conventions. Do you agree with the Bush Administration's decision? How might you have handled it differently?

Makes me feel physically ill. The idea that this was done in my name...there is not enough "ugh" in the world.
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02 April 2009 @ 12:11 pm
"After all, this is a Joss Whedon show. If there is anyone working in TV today who inspires geeks to gush and fall over themselves like Southern belles with the vapors, it’s him. Southern belles quoting Xander dialogue, but still."


from this post.
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This is your penis: 8--o
This is your penis on drugs: 8=====O

AAny questions?

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21 March 2009 @ 11:10 am
We're having a lazy saturday morning, still in bed.
A few minutes ago, a murder of crows starts making lots of raucous noise and swirling about the backyard - i see the shadows of them from the bed.

They keep at it and eventually, I'm curious, so I get up and pull back the blinds from the back window in my room. Just in time to see a pigeon fall from the giant cherry tree in my back yard in a cloud of feathers. I look up and crows are still in an uproar and then I notice it: sitting quietly in the middle of the tree is a completely different bird. Tighter colored, tall and bigger than either the pigeon or the crows. No idea what kind of bird it is.

The pigeon flops around a little on the ground under the tree (the same tree where Madison curled up under after his accident, when he thought he was going there to die). After a minute, it stops moving. I'm pretty sure it's dead. Hard to say if the unknown bird killed it or the crows.

The unknown bird hops up a few branches, and then after a few minutes, it takes flight, the murder of crows following it.

I'll have to move the pigeon, or the dogs will get into it. I wonder why it was murdered like that. Poor little pidgey.

ETA: I just looked it up, I think the unknown bird was either a white-tailed kite or a northern harrier. Definitely some kind of hawk.
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09 March 2009 @ 03:30 pm
My friend Mikal's 40th birthday is March 21st and I really, really want to be there! Anyone going to Portland around then and can give me me a lift? Or do you know anybody doing the same? Ideally, it'd just be overnight...
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04 March 2009 @ 12:08 am
thanks to the amazing jarrow.

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